ESS demo Day & SUP Polo Sunday April 9th

NEW Unlimited Race Board on the way!

NEW Unlimited Race Board on the way!

Finally Jimmy has succumbed to pressure (from me) & is doing a production 17'9 Unlimited Race board....Mine is going to be 26.5" wide but more information to come about different dimensions & the steering system soon... Stay tuned!

ESS Demo Day Cancelled on Sunday but SWAP Meet on at Shop

NEW JL Foil Board

NEW JL Foil Board

The new sport of Foiling is here and we quickly realized that to be comfortable, and also get the most performance out of our foils we needed a new board specifically designed with ONLY foiling in mind. These short lengths allow for much better performance, maneuverability, and glide once on foil and the extra width through the full outline of the board, especially the tail, gives you incredible stability, paddling and tracking for these short boards. The rocker line was also designed with stability, tracking, and paddle speed in mind but also to not “stick” in the nose when coming...

New Jimmy Lewis "Super Frank"

New Jimmy Lewis "Super Frank"

Breaking NEWS by Jimmy Lewis....NEW Super Frank coming soon!

This board looks amazing for the world wide conditions and designed to be a more stable style performance board with more of a skatey approach.

Can be ridden much shorter due to its design, increasing maneuverability for average-expert riders.

Six different size with three lean shape named

Super frank / lean

7’6 x 29.5″ liters 100

8’0 x 30″ liters 115

8’6 x 30.5″ liters 130

Super Frank/ heavy rider

7’6 x 31″ liters 121

8’0 x 31.5″ liters 131

8’6 x 32″ liters 141

5 futures fin box

Construction in I-Beam sandwich PVC

Amazing new graphics coming from the best factory of the world with...