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This board has the classic 60’s rocker which is a lower, straighter entry rocker that allows the nose to plane up rather than getting sucked down and pearling. A smooth rocker curve going into a pronounced tail kick which holds the tail down in the wave, coupled with the 50/50 rails which also holds the board in the face of the wave to allow sustained nose rides. The outline is a classic 60’s style parallel railed template with some hips in the tail for those smooth rolling turns and cutbacks. The board comes in a flat bottom nose for more speedy nose rides or a concave nose for “lifting” nose rides.

Walk, Don’t Shuffle. Classic Noseriding SUP
Jimmy shaped The Black and Blue Machine for his brother John who still has that classic 60s surfing style and rides the nose with the best of them.
The name is a mashup of the Rolling Stones 1976 album Black and Blue (the cover of which was shot on
Sanibel Island, FL) and the iconic 60’s Morey Pope longboard called the Blue Machine.
This is a board for the classic long boarder who has mastered cross-stepping and nose riding — a board for elite surfers who have transitioned to SUP and still long for the incomparable feel of an extended tip ride
Concave bottom nose. 50/50 rails, classic longboard rocker
Full Deckpad. Self regulating Gore Vent
JL Signature I-Beam Construction
New: 2016 models come with recessed handle
New: 2016 models are equipped with nose GoPro mount

Single fin box set up. Comes with John’s 11″ B&B fin.

9’6″x28.5″x3.5″ (117L)
9’9″x30″x4″ (136L)
10’1″x31″x4.25″ (164L)


JL Classic construction

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