JL Striker - 9'5

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Our Number 1 best selling board....The 1 Board Quiver Killer...

Ride the Nose, Hit the Lip. Best of Both Worlds.
Low rocker and full deckpad for nose riding.
Down rails and tight carving tail for high performance turns...Self regulating Gore Vent.
Swept center fin and side bites. JL Signature I-Beam Construction.

Low nose rocker for nose riding and great flat water paddling, while the tail rocker and 5 fin set up gives the Striker great small to medium wave performance abilities, making this a ultimate all around board! Full length deckpad for posi-traction nose riding. Also available in Carbon Sandwich Construction

NEW ALL with Futures QUAD Fin option..
8'5" & 8’11”- 7″ JL swept fin and 4″ side bites
9’5″ & 10'0"– 8″ JL swept fin and 4″ side bites


  • 8'5"x 30" x 4" (116L)
  • 8’11″x30″x4″  (124L)
  • 9’5″x31″x4.15  (144L)
  • 10'0"x 31"x 4.2" (151.9L)


  • Blue


  • JL Classic Construction
  • JL Carbon Sandwich Construction (Orders Only)