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Jimmy Lewis Australia is now stoked to offer Ke Nalu Paddles with our boards for a carbon upgrade over our normal surf paddles

The xTuf blade is ideal for people that regularly surf rocky reefs, are tough on their gear or don’t wish to spend the extra money for a full carbon blade.
The xTuf blade shape has been optimized for power and performance through all phases of the stroke and features a dihedral face and slight curve to the tip for increased catch.
Lightweight yet extremely durable construction featuring fibreglass over a high density PVC foam core and decorative woven carbon fibre face.


xTuf Wiki 74:

Blade Length: 14” (356mm)
Blade Width: 7.5” (191mm)
Blade Area: 74 sq. in (477 sq. cm)

Maximum Paddle Length:
79” (2007mm) with Ergo T handle
79.5” (2019mm) with Ergo handle

xTuf Wiki 84:

Blade Length: 15” (381mm)
Blade Width: 8” (203mm)
Blade Area: 84 sq. in (542 sq. cm)

Maximum Paddle Length:
80” (2032mm) with Ergo T handle
80.5” (2045mm) with Ergo handle