Balin 14' Race Board Cover

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Balin race board covers, a great way to protect your board from the heat and minor bumps and knocks that occur when you move around with your SUP. These covers fit most race stand up paddle boards and come in 12’6 and 14′ sizes. If the standard sizes don’t fit then you can always order a custom cover.

Check out the following features of the Balin SUP covers-

Balin SUP Board Cover features

  • Standard SUP race board sizes include 12’6, and 14
  • Custom sizes also available
  • Padded reflective material
  • Multiple handles
  • Breather plugs
  • Velcro fin slot
  • Plush inner

Product Description

SUP board covers are an essential add on help keep your SUP in mint condition. A good SUP board cover will;

  • Help protect your board from the sun
  • Help protect your board form the bumps and knocks that occur when you move your board around
  • Make it easier to handle your board when

Choose the Balin SUP Board Cover if you want;

  • A durable long lasting board cover
  • Easy carry handles
  • Breather holes
  • Plus inner to help reduce scathing when you take the board in and out of its cover

Additional information to help care for your SUP board cover

While a good SUP board cover will help protect your board from the sun and from travel knocks and bumps here are a few handy tips to help extend the life of your cover.

  1. You can’t help but get salt water on the SUP board cover zip so, spray the zip with silicone or a light lucubrating oil before you first use your cover and then again at regular intervals.
  2. If you do get a lot of salt water on the sip wash it our with fresh water
  3. If you are going to store your board or cover for long periods of time, give the zip a generous coating with a silicone or a light lucubrating oil first.
  4. If the zipper on your SUP board cover does jam then don’t try force the zip open. The reason the zip jams is that there be salt crystals in the zipper mechanism. The best way to free the jammed zipper is to pour lots of hot water into the zip and dissolve the salt crystals first.  When you have done this try freeing the zip. If it still doesn’t open then use more hot water on the zip.