JL Flying V2 5'6"

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  • Advancing the design of the origiinal Flying V, making it a bit wider and more compact Jimmy designed the Flying V2 to be stable on the water while beeing agile and light on foil. Based on its trades the board is well suited for the SUP- and Wing Foiler.

    The proven waterplane bottom is pulled all the way back to the foil base and provides easy liftoff and touch down while maintaining stability during the launch phase. Like the Flying VM these boards re-direct the rider back up onto the foil with little drag when they touch down and give an easy and fast take off.

  • Boards are made either in the JL Signature Sandwich Construction or the Carbon Sandwich Construction and are delivered including 2 Footstraps.

    • 5'6" x 27"      96L
    • 5'10" x 28"   110L
    • 6'3" x 29"    124L
    • 6'9" x 30"    138L