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ALL NEW Lighter, Stiffer, Channel Bottom with Dugout Recessed Deck...

Jimmy’s latest flat water race board is designed to be the fastest board on the water, period. The NEW Carbon U-Boat 14' Foot Race Board is available in 23″, or 25″wide, which makes them perform like no others. If you’re a racer, or just want the absolute fastest flat-water board out there, you’ve found your machine.

Bred for speed – warning: highly addictive!

Construction: All-Carbon with full Airex sandwich top, bottom and rails.

Features sunken deck with quad scuppers to clear the water. Brushed carbon bottom finish, with metalic finish on the deck and rails.

The stability on all sizes is much better than the widths would suggest, making them fast, but also very easy to paddle in any conditions!

The U-Boat is the fastest smooth/flat water board on the course. This year we’ve done some minor changes in the shape that resulted in major performance changes. The most noticeable change is the wider tail block. This increases the stability dramatically. The rails in the back are harder too which also adds to stability and makes for quicker water release.  Like the original U-Boats these 4 new models have the Jimmy Terrell inspired “square” type concave under the standing zone which adds to the stability and speed as well. We call that the “Quickcave”. The rocker line and outline are both designed to “split” the water with the least amount of resistance as you paddle through it, resulting in maximum acceleration and speed.

Comes with 7″ JL race fin.